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Marriott Bonvoy is the most popular hotel loyalty program for business travelers.

Employees from consultancies, banks, and even universities rack up thousands of nights each year at properties around the world. It’s no wonder these companies have negotiated a special discounted rate just for their employees.

If you happen to be associated with one of these organizations you can take advantage of these perks. The discount can be sometimes as much as 30% off the regular nightly rate and will typically include free wireless internet and breakfast.

Depending on where and when you are traveling the availability will vary. Also just because you find a corporate rate doesn’t always mean its the lowest rate the hotel has to offer. Be alert to compare the rate you find to the regular nightly price since there are times a corporate rate can be higher.

If you are a business travel then here is how you can book a corporate rate at Marriott properties.


Locate your corporate rate

If you work for a major corporation there is a high chance you book your hotels through a company portal or a travel agent. This means your corporate rate is inserted on the backend and you may not even be aware of what your own companies code is.

Here are all the hotel corporate codes for Marriott businesses.

Many companies have multiple rates with Marriott so make sure you try all the ones assigned to your given organization.

Looking for another hotel brand? See our full list of hotel corporate codes.

Input it into Marriott search

Marriott makes it straightforward to search using a corporate discount. Simply navigate to the search bar and expand the column titled “Special Rates”. You will see a dedicated section titled “Corporate / Promo / SET#” and here is where you will want to enter your code.

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As soon as you enter your rate and click “Find Hotels” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Compare rates

As mentioned above corporate rates are considered “Special Rates” and are actually not always the cheapest. There are a lot of reasons to why but hotels may be running their own special making the standard rate lower than the corporate rate for a given night.

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If you are comfortable prepaying make sure you check the tab furthest to the right. Often times this is the cheapest rate for any hotel room since you are securing the revenue for the hotel.

Present identification upon arrival

This part can may not always happen but according to Marriotts official policy a hotel must check ID to confirm your rate upon check in. Given how most Marriotts are franchised owned we found this to vary wildly based on location.

Acceptable forms of identification include

  • A badge or pass with the company name and picture
  • A business card that includes your name and company
  • An email address the hotel will confirm by sending you a confirmation

In our experience almost all Marriotts in Asia check ID 100% of the time but in North America and Europe it has been less than 10%.

Hotel Corporate Programs

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