The “Go Hilton” Team Member program gives employees, friends, and families a discount on stays at properties around the world. It’s often regarded as the best employee discount program in the country due to its generous savings for members.

The program is comprised of two different offerings for:

  • Hilton Team Member Travel (employees only)
  • Hilton Family and Friends rate.

Both programs are extremely generous in their rates and provide unique value across Hilton properties.

Hilton Team Member Travel

This program is only for active Team Member employees and provides the largest discount rate Hilton offers. Expect to score significantly reduced nightly stays at some of Hiltons best properties around the world.

The program also includes luxury high end groups under Hilton such as the Waldorf Astoria and Conrad Hotels for as low as $75 per night.

Who qualifies for this:

Members that qualify are current Hilton team members (full time, part time and seasonal employees) or owner club members (owns 25%+ of a Hilton property).

If you don’t qualify for the above check out if your employers offers a Hilton Corporate Code and Discount.

Discounted rates by brand:

The table contains rates by hotel group subject to availability.

How to redeem rate:

All reservations must be made on Hiltons dedicated Go Hilton Booking Site.

Booking Restrictions:

Team members are allowed to reserve up to two Team Member rate rooms and two Family & Friends rate rooms at a time, for a total of up to four rooms per stay. The rooms can be booked for up to 7 consecutive nights.

The program does cap the number of rooms you can book annually but it is generous at up to 30 nights for team member rates and up to 70 room nights with Family & Friends rates per calendar year. This gives a total of 100 room nights per calendar year.

Hilton Friends and Family Rate

The Family & Friends rate gives approved members the ability to provide up to 50% off the nightly price at properties around the world.

Who qualifies for this:

Members of Hilton Honors program (click here to join) and those that are approved by a Hilton team member who is registered for the TMTP.

Discounted rate:

The discount is up to 50% off the Best Available Rate or lowest advertised rate that is subject to the hotel’s standard cancellation policy.

How to redeem rate

To obtain your discount you have to have an active Hilton Honors account and be approved by a team member. Make sure you give your name and Hilton Honors number exactly as they appear on your account for approval to go through.

To sign up for a Hilton Honors account, visit

After you receive approval all travel will be reserved on the Go Hilton Booking Site.

Food and Beverage Discount

The food and beverage discount is an additional perk for active Hilton Team Members on top of the reduced nightly rate. Expect to receive a discount of 50% on food and beverage on property.

However, be aware it only applies to restaurants that are under the same management as the hotel, so double check and make sure the restaurant qualifies.

Additional Benefits

Lastly, another great feature of this program is that they honor elite status and honors points. Meaning, you can also potentially get an upgrade and earn a points with your discounted rate!

How to use the Hilton Go Portal

Room availability varies and you will need to browse the GO Hilton portal to make all bookings.

Here is how you can use the portal to make your booking

  • Login to the Go Hilton site using your Hilton Honors credentials.
  • Browse through the destinations or holiday types, noting the availability in the top right hand corner of the property (TMTP or F&F or EXTRA).
  • Ensure you are booking for the rate you qualify for
  • Click through to the confirmation and make your booking!

Note: Rooms surplus may be offered via GO Hilton to friends and family as EXTRA rooms. These bookings do not count towards the team-member’s limit, but do earn Hilton Honors points and tier status.

Conclusion and takeways

Both rates of the Hilton Team Member Travel program offer outstanding savings and are a significant employee benefit. If you are not a Hilton employee, the benefits are so good that it would pay to scour your list friends and family to find someone who is one.

Even if you can only access the EXTRA friends and family deals…. saving 50% of the Best Available Rate is a HUGE discount!

For Hilton employees:

  • Congratulations on getting these significant benefits from your employer
  • This guide should help you to make the most of these valuable perks.
  • Make sure you share the love with friends and family!

For more information about Hilton hotels visit our Hilton Discount Guide.


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